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Pacifico VR Game

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Pacifico is a VR underwater exploration game experience built in Unreal Engine. The player explores the depths of the ocean as a photographer taking photos of the wondrous world of the deep blue sea.

This is a most recent build of the game. I created 3D assets, visual effects, textured, rigged, and animated some models.

Created these plant assets using Quill and Maya then animated them within Unreal Engine using vertex animation.


Modeled, rigged, and textured ST3-W4R7, everyone's favorite sarcastic robot chaperone.

Modeled, textured, and vertex animated within Unreal Engine 4.

Modeled and Rigged by Me. Animated by Alex Flores.

Created this version of the visual effects animation for the ocean water. Final version created by me and Sean McPartland can be seen in the first video.

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